Penticton and the surrounding area has a rich community of potters who all have their own unique style and specialty. The Penticton Potters' Guild is one avenue for hobbyists to learn the craft and network together. The Guild is located at the Leir House Cultural Centre and has a membership of approximately 30 potters.

The Guild, first established in the 70's, has been contributing to the community through its fundraising ventures for many years. Most notably, the Guild plays a key part in the annual "Soup Bowls Project" fund raising event for the Penticton Art Gallery. "Bowls of Love" is another project supported by the Guild that generates funds for other not for profit organizations. Also, in honour of one of the original Guild members, there is the "Jay Cryderman Art Scholarship."

The Penticton Potters' Guild is well outfitted with everything that you can't fit in your basement. From wheels and a slab roller, to glazes and kilns, most work can be accommodated. There is also a wonderful library of books, magazines, and videos that members can borrow. Clay can also be purchased from the Guild. Guild members meet monthly and have other gatherings and special firings (pit, raku) a couple of times a year. Workshops to learn and improve techniques are also held occasionally.

The Penticton Potters'Guild welcomes new members with prior experience. If you've never worked with clay, the Guild offers lessons to get you started. The lessons cover all aspects of potting at the Guild: throwing on the wheel, hand building, glazing, and firing. After completing the lessons, you'll be ready to join the Guild.

Those interested in membership/lessons with the Penticton Potters' Guild may conact Donna Arneson (see top right of page) for more information.